Thursday, October 2, 2008

Budget Facial

While we love the $50 offerings of Spa Week (This year’s is Oct 13 to 19. Have you booked your appointment yet?), here’s a $55 treat that’s available 365 days a year or at least when Bergdorf’s is open. (Who knew you could use “budget” and “Bergdorf” in the same sentence? But much like “Chanel” and “free”, we’re not asking any questions.)

Hidden away in the basement level beauty floor is the Elemis Spa Pod, a darling little oasis, safe below the 5th Avenue fray. The treatment starts with a Elemis Facial Mapping Analysis (aka a Visia Skin Analysis), it maps out various elements of your skin through a special camera/computer combo. We were pleased to be told we have close to zero wrinkles (thank you, Botox!) and small pores. We were slightly concerned to hear that we had a fair amount of bacteria on our skin that can lead to acne (We had just come from a yoga class and were a touch sweaty. We’ll never forget our MD Skincare EZ4U wipes again.) and more alarmed to hear we have some sun damage despite our slavish diligence to daily SPF (We can only blame those ill-advised trips to the tanning salon back in our teens.) The fact that these observations came from a machine versus a person somehow took the sting out of the bad news and certainly made it easier to believe.

After our face analysis we followed our lovely aesthetician, Irene, into the Spa Pod. The room was small—about the size of a large closet, which we’re guessing it once was. Irene had us change into a robe and sat us on a large massaging chair. Once the chair started working its magic, it felt so good we were almost embarrassed we weren’t in the room alone. (More about this later.)

Based off of our facial analysis, Irene decided a Skin Radiance facial would be best for us. After a cleansing, she applied a Papaya Enzyme Peel, which smelled simply delicious. That was followed by the Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask with strawberry and kiwi extracts. It brightens skin and is safe--even recommended, in fact--to use before a night on the town.

Usually we ask many questions during our facial so we can share the deets with you, our readers. But that damn chair just made us so relaxed we couldn’t focus on anything else. If we had lots of money and time, we would invest in these chairs and put them in places like airports or a headhunter’s office for out of work i-bankers and charge $1 a minute. (You're welcome to act on our money-making tip. Just let us sit in a chair for free every once in a while.)

So, as for more particulars on the facial, we’re a little fuzzy. What we do know is that we left with skin that was glowing (we're pretty sure that had more to do with the Elemis products than the chair, but we can’t be 100% positive). Like all the facials at the Elemis Spa Pod, it is safe to put foundation and powder back on (eye makeup isn’t removed to start with). But our skin was SO radiant afterwards, we’re not sure we had anything to cover up.

To book your appointment call 212.872.2821. Elemis Products are available at Bergdorf Goodman or online at Time to Spa.

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