Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vegas: The Best Time Part 2

Here's the rest of Samara's and Erin's guide to Vegas. Go girls!

5) Sometimes, Less is More.
Vegas’ cavernous clubs can be a little overwhelming at times. Crowded dance floors, long bar lines and pounding music go with the territory at places like Tao and Lavo. It can be exactly what you need -- or a scene you need to be rescued from.

Don’t forget that Vegas lounges are just as amazing as the clubs -- but are smaller and more manageable. You’ll get your dancing fix, but with less drink spillage and fewer run-ins with errant stilettos.

Our personal recommendation: Ghost Bar at The Palms , or Blush Lounge at the Wynn.

6) Get Lucky at Mr. Lucky’s!
There’s no shortage of amazing food in Vegas, but the best spot for late night nosh is Mr. Lucky’s. Located on the casino level at the Hard Rock, Mr. Lucky’s has an extensive menu, quick service, and good food at a reasonable price. Chili cheese fries and milkshakes saved us on many post-partying occasions.

An added bonus: according to the waitstaff, “everyone” goes there...which means you could be grabbing a snack with your favorite celeb in the next booth.

7) Don’t forget the essentials.
If you’re going to Vegas, you’ve got to play like a champ. Be sure to pack: sunscreen (face, lip, and body -- that sun is hot!), Aleve, Pepto tablets, Visine, B-12 vitamins, 1 pair of your highest, hottest heels (Vegas is not the place to try out those new Tory Burch flats!), Band-Aids, and at least 1 dress so daring you would never wear it at home. Don’t forget your camera -- because what happens in Vegas belongs on Kodak Gallery to make all your other friends jealou

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