Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Review MD Skincare EZ4U

Earlier this summer we freelanced at Sephora, which as you might imagine gave us a lot of good insight into new fall products. We marked our calendar for one skincare launch, in particular: the new EZ4U Facial Treatment Wipes from MD Skincare. It washes, tones, treats and moisturizes all in one easy to use & oh-so-portable towelette. This baby will have no problems making it through security at the airport. We've also stashed some in our gym bag for on the go pick me ups and will certainly have them on hand as we run around NYC during fashion week. They would also come in handy when you have an unexpected night out. Wink. Wink.

The only thing it's missing? SPF But that's where the MD Skincare Powerful Protection Sunscreen Pads come in to play.

Both products are available at

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Anonymous said...

i have the trish mcvoy version of these and love them. also good when you are just a bit toooo tired to take off your make up at night.

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