Saturday, September 13, 2008

Milly Spring '09 Backstage

Our apologies for being a little slow getting this one posted. We just woke up from a very, very long nap!

Romy Soleimani did the makeup for the Milly Spring '09 show, creating a look she says was inspired by late 1960s' debutantes hanging out with rock stars at the end of the summer in Morocco. She used a pale creamy color on the eyelid, with a hint of gold on the corner of the eye, loads of bronzer and pale pink lips. For the body, she used liberal amounts of MAC Sundressing to give legs that sun-kissed look.

Milly Spring '09
Kevin Ryan complemented the look with thick, healthy hair that was braided down the back. "We want it to look styled with out being overdone or over-blowdried."

Milly Spring '09That's Kevin (right) with Ricky the owner of Ricky's NYC, our fave beauty emporium.

Milly Spring '09We watched the Milly show from the very swank American Express Sky box.

Milly Spring '09Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos from the box during the show. The curtains are opened right before the start of the show.

Milly Spring '09For photos of the show itself, check out

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