Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Leather Jackets for Fall

We're looking for a leather jacket for fall and we've discovered that, like handbags, the prices are creeping up. A few years back we bought a black Theory bomber (which we still wear and looks great); but now something similar by Theory runs $200-$400 more. Here are a few that we found, you tell us, how much is too much?

We found this metallic Burberry leather jacket at Nordstroms. The color and shine are much more subtle in person and so gorgeous! We tried this on and had the salesperson hold it for us, then we came to our senses--not quite in our budget! At $2400, better really love it.

There are a ton of bomber jackets out there, especially cropped ones. We're still wearing our Theory bomber, so this is out for us. But if you're looking we found a L.A.M.B. jacket at Shop Bop that peaked our interest. The glazed leather and snake skin trim around the collar and pockets make it sexy and edgy, just what we'd expect from Gwen Stefani.

Here's a lightweight leather jacket from Vince at Bloomingdales. We collect her sweaters and long for one of her jackets. The leather is super soft and buttery and this style is so easy to wear. At $725, you may try to wait for a sale; but trust us, there's no use, because we've played that waiting game and always lost. If anything, there's a small left and these babies run small.

Here's a cute, cropped leather hoodie from Doma at Cusp. We're obviously shopping out brown right now. At $746, it's in the same price point as the Vince, but more casual.

The Remi Motorcyle Jacket from Lucky Brand Jeans has a great shape that hugs your body, the color is rich, and at $398 is the most affordable. (We challenge you to find a good one for much less, because we've looked everywhere!) Plus, with the code 8SVIP get 30% off from September 11-21.

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Liz said...

Love all of these!

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