Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cheers for Gwen!

L.A.M.B. bag
Yesterday we told you about a pair of celeb designers who are on our s--- list, now let’s talk about one we love: Gwen Stefani.

We lusted after her convertible clutch last fall, but never did make the jump.

Well—this spring, we were wooed by her ombré Manchester tote bag. We realize it’s a risk buying something ombré as it’s a trend that might die out faster than movies about baby mamas. But we figure we’re on the start of the trend, so we should be able to use the bag for a few seasons at least. And the ombré is part of what we love—It’s dark, so we can wear it in fall and winter, but it’s light too, so we can wear it in spring and summer.

Plus the patent leather is so easy to clean--you could practically hose it down. This means it’s great for rainy days, hot days when we –ahem—perspire, and traveling.

We used this bag on our trip to San Diego last week. It zips so when we stow it under our seat there’s no risk or our lip balm rolling under 12C’s seat, it’s big enough that we can store our lap top in it and it has four inside pockets so we don’t have to search around for said lip balm, our hand cream or our pen for doing crossword puzzles. And—it’s light to begin with, so we don’t have to throw our shoulder out when we’re running to catch the Air Train from JFK.

It’s an attention getter, too. Last week, on the subway a 50-something woman asked if our bag was Prada. When we told her no, it’s from the fab Gwen Stefani’s line, she asked how much it cost. As gossip columnist Cindy Adams would say, only in New York, kids!


20somethingirl said...

I love LAMB. I just wish I could afford it... its no prada, but still out of my meagre budget =(

Tamron Lohan said...

OH LORD i love this bag!!! and 20somethinggirl, i'm with you -- i can't afford either!

The Jet Set Girls said...

Hey, you two: check ebay. LAMB is not big enough to copy yet. The bags there are most likey authentic- and cheaper!

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