Thursday, May 8, 2008

High Shine for High Fashion

Dior Addict High Shine introduces itself as the first lipstick made for the runway. We think they made it for us too. The lipstick goes on smoothly with a sheer glossy finish. We're looking forward to snagging the Beige-a-Porter and Chestnut Chic; but if you're looking for pink try the Rose Show or Pink Protege. BTW, we know you shouldn't judge a lipstick (or a person) by the packaging; but Dior always does a beautiful job designing their lipstick cases. It's satisfying just to pull this one out of your bag.

Also new from Dior is the Glossy Lip Liner, which is a "wet look" liner. You can use it alone or with your High Shine to add definition. While we're pretty new to beauty blogging, we're definitely experienced (you'll never hear us say "old") when it comes to makeup, and we've never used a glossy liner before.

Buy them at Nordstroms and they'll throw in a deluxe sample of Capture Totale Serum.

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