Sunday, May 25, 2008

Go Commando: The New Way to Avoid a Panty Line

Do you go commando? One of us JSGs does, at least sometimes. You see, she never converted over to thongs 100%. They aren't as comfortable as her Calvins; though she's got a collection of Hanky Pankies for when she wears a dress. Then Friday a sample of Commandos came in the mail. They're constructed like a very thin, soft cotton pantyliner that sticks to your jeans, shaped like a double-butterfly. They protect your personals from the stiff fabric of your pants, there's no VPL, and there's no Monica thong view either. We wore them twice this weekend, to a concert and to a bar-b-que, and they were great. Better yet, no one knew we were going commando!

We also love endorsing companies like the Commandos Group. They founded Freedom's Children, a non-profit "dedicated to the teaching and support of Nonviolence philosophy."

You can order their products on-line as well as learn more about Freedom's Children. (Pictures from the Commandos website)

Commandos are perfect for traveling because they don't take up any room!

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