Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Our Dreams: Louis Vuitton Luggage

In truth, we’ve never been big Louis Vuitton fans. We’re not the type to carry obvious “It” bags (looking at you YSL Muse) or anything with logos splashed all over it. That may soon change, if we hit the lottery, that is!

Last week we went to a breakfast for Louis Vuitton where we met the president of the USA division, Daniel Lalonde. The purpose of the breakfast was to discuss with the brand how we think they could best interact with bloggers, such as ourselves. We’re impressed and excited that such an iconic luxury brand is taking our medium so seriously. Rightly so, if we do say so ourselves. Everyone from the brand was lovely and really did listen to what we had to say.

Here’s what caught our attention: Louis Vuitton is headed back to their roots as luggage designers. We fantasize about the days when trunks were de rigeur and boring black wheelie bags were yet to be running over the toes of airport passengers everywhere.

We love the first add of the Journeys campaign that features Keith Richards. Some LV loyalists feel that Keith Richards is a poor choice for the iconic brand, but we love him! On the LV site, you can watch Keith talk about his favorite things about London, including the right way to eat Fish and Chips and his lifetime there. The tag line is just about perfect: Some Journeys Cannot Be Put Into Words.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, ladies. I'm a novice to your site, but love the layout and the information you provide. I'm looking forward to more great posts.

dolls123 said...

I have a couple of LV pieces. I wish the luggage didn't cost almost as much as my house. LOL

Beauty411 said...

When I win the lottery, I'm buying myself a set of LV luggage! :) So fun to meet you in LA!

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