Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Best Summer Lip Glosses

In the hot summer sun, all you really need to transform yourself into a bronzed babe is a faux tan, a mascara that goes the distance and a swipe of lip gloss. But how to chose from all the options out there? JSG narrows it down:

Best for Lounging by the Pool
Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother cools on impact and is just the thing to get the pool boy’s attention. Just don’t leave it in the sun—these little guys melt quickly. JSG fave color: Glaze

neutrogena lip gloss

Best Ice Cream Substitute
Prescriptives Tint Balm has flavor that’s sweet without being cloying and is easy to apply from the comfort of your lounge chair. JSG fave: Vanilla, which tastes like a ice cream cone.

lancome lip gloss

Best for Arm Chair Travelers
Lancome Juicy Tubes World Tour works when you’re stuck at your desk but would rather be on vacation (Umm…basically everyday for us!). JSG fave: Moulin Rose, but that may be because we’re dreaming about hopping a flight to Paris.

Best for Flying
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner is our go to formula on the fly. It’s super-hydrating and adds just the right hint of color to our high-altitude lips. JSG’s fave color: Strobe Current

MAC lip gloss

Best for Tropical Vacations
We're still wearing our Clinique Long Last Glosswear with its SPF 15. JSG's fave color: Guava Gold for a tropical treat.

Best for a Yankees' Game
All About the Pretty shares the dish on the new Bobbi Brown Bare Lip Balm, a tribute Yogi Berra.

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