Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Ultimate Travel Dress

Since airlines including Delta and United are now charging $25 to check a second bag, it's that much more important to be a smart packer. Nieves Lavi dresses fit the bill--they're 100% silk jersey, are impervious to wrinkling, have ethnic-inspired patterns that are chic yet versatile and even come in their own coordinating travel pouch. This would be perfect for a quick trip this Memorial Day weekend.

We're picturing the above dress paired with a big floppy hat and gladiators for daytime--it could even be a beach cover up in a pinch, or with silver strappy stilletos and chandelier earrings for night time.

Available at ShopBop. The Nieves Lavi site is having a sale, but selection and size are limited.

Update: American Airlines just announced it will start charging passengers 15 bucks to check even one bag! It's more important than ever to pack wisely!

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Anonymous said...

Sam Nieves and Sharon Lavi here, of Nieves Lavi. We want to thank you for this great article. You have captured the essence of our line indeed. Effortless and chic. You are so right, with airline companies finding ways to squeeze their customers wallets, our easy to pack line of silk jersey dresses is a way to avoid any unwanted fees during your vacation, leaving you enough cash for that extra cocktail. Thank you all for supporting the brand. P.S. We have a sample sale coming up in a week or so. If you want more information, please log on to and enter your information on our "mailing list" section. Have a great summer everyone.

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