Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Embracing the Europeans

We were a little irked last week when shopping at Saks in NYC at 4 on a Friday. What we thought would be an off time—before the masses got out of work, a week that wasn’t spring break—was anything but. The store was packed to the hilt—it was hard to find our size in any of the clothes we liked, the shoe sale rack was picked over save for a pair of size 5 totally hid pink Stuart Weitzmans, and the line for the dressing room was a mile and a half long. While waiting in that line, we heard French, Italian and British accents.

It's then that it hit us like a ton of bricks—the Europeans are taking over our city! Our work buddy Rich confirmed this the following Monday. He met a bunch of Italians at a bar over the weekend. And one of them had just bought EIGHT Ralph Lauren sweaters that very day. Well good for f-ing them! When the dollar is back up and breakfast in London won’t cost us the equivalent of those marked down Stuart Weitzmans, we look forward to traveling to Europe again for the sole purpose of buying all their cute clothes and leaving the dregs for them. Ha!

Sadly, that fantasy is probably still a decade away, so we’ve decided to embrace our new found friends, with a little help from our friends at NY Mag. They printed this helpful primer, "Find a French Boyfriend" on how to pick up EuroTrash in various spots around the city. May as well give it a go. Bitter is never beautiful.


jdbsusanna said...

I love Europe, but I have to admit that it irks me to hear more French/Italian/Dutch/other European languages than English when I go shopping now. Oh well. I guess they're keeping the city's economy afloat.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!!I'm from Europe and I feel offended by this article. You guys should be glad that we keep your economy up.

Ps. I'm sure there is enough Ralph Lauren sweaters for all of US!

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