Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DuWop's Flight Stick

duwop's flight stick
O.K. so we haven't tried it yet, but the DuWop Flight Stick sounds like a dream come true. According to the website, it's:
"a skin-enhancing, hydrating stick created for the weary traveler or anyone who wants an instant pick me up. The product contains anti-oxidants to protect and hydrate. A touch of caffeine, a natural stimulant wakes up the skin and enhances the appearance of dryness and damage. Flight Stick also contains a hint of tint to even out and perfect the complexion."
We mean really, what else do you need when on the plane, save for a personal masseuse to help with bloating and boredom?

The DuWop Flight Stick is available on Let us know if you try it first!

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