Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red Light Little River: Miami's Local Dining Lounge

red Light Miami

After a few nights in South Beach we were eager to get out and try something that wasn't designed exclusively for the travel set and Red Light Little River did not disappoint. It focuses on seafood with a southern influence. Chef Kris Wessel is a New Orleans native which shows up in many of his dishes.

This blink and you'll miss it restaurant is located at the far end of a funky motel in the MiMo District.  Truthfully, we did pass it by and had to flip a U-turn in front of the girly bar next door.  Though the area is a bit sketchy, we're told it's light years better than it was before Red Light moved in.  The retro diner set up and the house dj made it the perfect Sunday night wind down.

Our favorites were the fish dip (common in Miami and excellent here), the bbq Shrimp which wasn't sweet but more tangy and buttery, the Haitian style oxtail with cheddar grits and collards (lick the plate delicious), and the mixed berry cobler.  The prices were amazingly low:  appetizers were under ten dollars and main courses were under twenty dollars. Since our dinner was less than a round of drinks at Setai, it literally pays to leave South Beach and the bonus was the fantastic food at Red Light.  Our friends, Abby and Amanda with Hope, looking happy afterwards:

girls at red light


Anonymous said...

The shrimp dish was great but the ribs were terrible!

The Jet Set Girls said...

We ordered the shrimp on the waiter's recommendation. I'm not a huge fan of bar-b-que but it was something special! The menu changes weekly, so you never know what you'll get.

Anonymous said...

Dig a little deeper, the area is great. Michy's is only a few blocks south, and a number of other great restaurants are within 5 blocks. Just because there's a strip joint (that has been there for about 30 years) and it doesn't have the polish of Lincoln Rd, I wouldn't call the area sketchy...I highly recommend continuing to venture off of South Beach.

And try the lobster bisque and grilled cheese next time at Red Light. Oh and it should be noted that Kris Wessel was up for a James Beard award this year.

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