Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Nars orgasm illuminator

There are some things we just can't get enough of:  in this case the newest incarnation of the cult fave "Orgasm" by Nars products is the Orgasm Illuminator.  You can use it alone to give your face a warm glow, mix it in with your foundation or do what we do:  dot it along your cheekbones and forehead as a highlighter.  It works best when used sparingly.  As it warms up outside, try it on your neck, shoulders and decollete too. 

We hear that models and celebs have been sneaking the Orgasm Illuminator out of makeup artist bags since last fall; but now it's available at Nars on-line, in department stores and Sephora.

"Don't be too serious, it's only makeup." We love that sentiment from founder and creative director Francois Nars.


Anonymous said...

Is NARS Orgasm Illuminator can be a good eye-shadow ?

On the NARS French Website, it's written that we can use Orgasm Illuminator like an Eye Shadow, i would like to know it it's pretty on the eyes, if it's couloured and if it's shiny on the eyes ? Because I'm looking for a Shiny/Shimmering (nude) cream/gel eye-shadow/illuminator in a heavy tube like Orgasm Illuminator and I've got a Clear Skin & I wear Glasses.

The Jet Set Girls said...

We've used it on the tops of our cheekbones, a dot on the chin and the tops of our foreheads (where the sun would give you a glow). It's a sparkly warm apricot color. I wouldn't normally use it on my eyes; but think it would look pretty under your brow bone.

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