Monday, December 14, 2009

Planning the Best Bachelorette Party Ever!

Anne had an unforgettable bachelorette party in Vegas with a handful of great friends. Here's the recap of all the best from our trip to Vegas:

Best place to stay : staying at the Palazzo made the trip easy. Its location on the middle of the strip made it an easy walk or cab ride to just about anywhere in Vegas. There were also a ton of great restaurants and two great clubs, Tao and Lavo, right in the complex.

Best makeup : sure we know a lot about makeup; but no one makes you look better than a professional. That goes for getting your hair blown out as well. The Palazzo had both a Guerlain store for a great makeover and the Canyon Ranch Spa where we had our hair done.

Best black nail polish : think you know the best color for Vegas? Don't judge until you see what Anne wore!

Best dresses for Vegas : we got a handful of sexy dresses that are hard to wear just about any place but Vegas, and that's okay. Have a great time, wear a short dress and lots of sequins. On second thought, you can probably wear your dresses in Miami too!

Best shoes for Vegas : Anne wore some sky high heels to Tao that looked great; but she literally couldn't walk in them after a couple of hours. Again, only in Vegas.

SushiSamba : a sushi restaurant makes the perfect meal for a group of girls, because it's communal, has numerous presentations, and bite size pieces. It's no wonder the girls from SATC frequented SushiSamba in NY.

Best clubs in Vegas : we had fun at Lavo, XS, and Tryst; but there are so many clubs to choose from. We'd recommend Pure and Ghost Bar as well.

Best pool scene : no matter how late you stay up, you have to make it downstairs to the pool the next day. We're proud to say did, even if we napped once we got there. Unfortunately, Azure at Palazzo was closed for the season; but we did get a great cabana by one of the small pools.

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Peggy said...

Love this!! I am planning a party !! Thanks

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