Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Peek Inside Carolyn From Daily Obsession's Carry On

Even we have a hard time keeping up with our friend Carolyn from The Daily Obsession. She's in Barbados one week, China the next and most recently was in one of our favorite go to places, Scottsdale, Arizona. With all that traveling, we had to know what Carolyn has in her bag that keeps her looking so good, no matter what the timezone.

I love this Kipling Bag as a carry on because it's big enough to house my laptop, magazines, makeup bag and anything else I could possibly need for the plane. When it's not full, it also slouches in just the right way. Plus, the leather is of the kind that the more you beat it up, the better it looks.

I have different foundations for different purposes, but as far as travel goes- nothing beats Bobbi Brown Foundation compact. Great coverage, natural finish and I don't have to put it in a ziplock bag!

Lipstick Queen is not your normal makeup brand- they make some of the best and most surprising makeup for your lips. The new glossy pencil also passes my no-ziplock-bag-needed test and looks amazingly flattering (berry, bitten color) on your lips albeit it's scary in pencil form. This is nothing like any other pencil/lipstick/gloss you will use- it brings the very best properties of all 3 products and combines into 1. I wear it in Mystery.

I actually bring iHome mini speakers with me if I'm heading off somewhere for longer than a few days. These are the best ones I've found for the size. They produce amazing sound quality and lets me listen to my own music in my hotel room.

This Shopbop Bop Basic Draped Cardigan is my choice for covering up on planes. I actually don't like cashmere wraps because I can't move my arms in all the angles I need to. I can throw on a draped cardigan over anything and the sleeves actually allows me to use my arms to get things done.

I always need sunglasses for when I get off the plane because 100% odds are I look like crap. When I travel, I actually prefer to bring a cheaper pair of glasses in case I lose them, sit on them, crush them under my laptop etc. My choice for the moment are these red framed plastic ones I picked up from Topshop for $30. That's Carolyn, below, sporting her shades.

Women's Health is my magazine of choice for plane reading. I spend longer time with this publication than most other women's interest magazines because they have such intelligent articles and tips that I actually spend time reading. On my way to Barbados, I learned how to survive a shark attack. (JSG note: We're hoping you didn't need that lesson!)

Check out what's in Carolyn's co-editor's bag from The Daily Obsession. She just as stylish!

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Carla said...

I love that bag! I love this series you're doing. I'm definitely picking up some tips.

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