Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybelline's Vibrating Mascara--Get it First!

Maybelline is introducing the first mass market vibrating mascara, Pulse Perfection, $14.95, in July. But those in the know will buy it this Monday, May 18, online at

The wand vibrates so each lash gets coated with mascara with zero clumps. To apply, makeup artist Keri Malouf, who works frequently with Jennifer Goodwin and Alicia Silverstone, suggests holding the wand at your lash line, then clicking the on button, so none of the product is wasted. When we tested it out, we had a hard time doing that--the anticipation of the buzz was a little too much for us, kinda like waiting for a champagne cork to pop. That said, the other bloggers in our session did it without hestiation.

Kerry also recommends that you pay extra attention to the little lashes on the corner of your lid for a full fringed look.

For those who are concerned that the vibration might harm your lashes, rest assured. The woman who tested it said it actually improves the strength of their lashes.

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