Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost Luggage

Ever since our friend Paul over at Daily Makeover told us about Is This Your Luggage, we've become obsessed with the site. Photographer Luna Laboo buys luggage that is lost and never claimed. She then photographs the luggage with all its contents in tact in the hopes of finding the rightful owner.

While she has yet to reunite a bag with its owner, it is ridiculously fun to look at the contents of the lost luggage and wonder about the person who packed a particular bag. For instance, why did this guy need eight pairs of blue jeans? And what is that red outfit? It reminds us of the uniform Zach Braff had to wear in Garden State at the pseudo Indian restaurant he worked at in L.A.

Ever lost a bag? Check out Is This Your Luggage and maybe you'll see it again--along with the rest of the world!

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