Saturday, May 2, 2009

Juara Travel Kit Glow on the Go

Juara makes rich moisturizing products that have a wonderful, slightly sweet, very natural scent to them. We've long been fans of the gentle Rice Facial Scrub and were curious when we heard about their travel kit.
Juara's Travel Kit is perfect if you're a grab and go/ pack-at-the-last-minute kind of woman. The Glow on the Go set includes travel sizes of Juara's best sellers: the rice facial cleanser, tumeric antioxidant mask, tamarind tea hydrating toner, sweet black tea and rice facial moisturizer, and candlenut hand and body balm. We've tried each of the products. The cleanser is not too foamy and not drying at all. The mask is thick and hydrating as opposed to tingly or drying like some, and the toner, which is alcohol-free, feels more like a facial serum than a crispy toner. The facial moisturizer is rich enough to use around your eyes and the hand and body balm smells so good our dog wouldn't leave us alone.
These products are super hydrating- great for the dry skin we get on an airplane or after we spend time in the sun and saltwater. The hand and body balm would be nice to keep in your purse anytime, regardless of travel. All five products come packaged in a clear case, ready for the airport check.
Available at Juara for $42.

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