Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We like Sex and the City, but...

sex and the city
We think it's pretty crazy to spend $24,000 per person to spend four days in NYC living like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. That's what Destination on Location is charging SATC wannabes for a four day tour of NYC. Highlights include Sak's, Barney's and the Patricia Field store and restaurants Balthazar and Pastis. You can also chose optional activities based on which character you most identify with--Charlotte's will go to Tiffany's; Samantha's will go to sex shops. One woman from Singapore has already signed up.

Ladies--save your money! Last time we checked, it was free to go to Barney's and Saks and it IS possible to walk in and get a table at Pastis. If you need company, call us! We'll meet you and all it will cost you is a cosmo!

Sex and the City Tour Goes for $24,000

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BeautyTalk said...

wow this is ridiculous!

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