Monday, April 21, 2008

Put On Some Makeup--It's Good for You!

We exercise, eat right, and take vitamins (well, at least we try to); but we never thought our eye shadow, blush or mascara would have health benefits. Neutrogena has products that do.

We've been using the Nourishing Eye Duo ($8.49) in Fairy Dust, which is the prettiest combination of a soft shimmering pink and a dark sparkly taupe. We use eye cream diligently; but only under the eyes. Don't our lids deserve some care too? This shadow contains vitamins, soy and silk powders which condition the eye lids and make them look smoother.

The Healthy Skin Sheer Highlighting Blush ($12.49) in Fresh is a patchwork combination of pinks, which give your cheeks a healthy glow after a few quick swipes. Like the shadow, it has vitamins plus aloe vera to condition your skin. We have pinks from Bobbi Brown and MAC in the same color family. It must be spring time that encourages us to brighten up our apples.

Lastly, the the Healthy Volume Waterproof Mascara ($7.99) conditions your lashes from the inside out. The idea is that normal waterproof mascaras dry your lashes out which makes them brittle and break. We haven't had this particular problem (especially since we don't use waterproof), so we can't say there's a huge difference; but the mascara itself gives us longer, natural, darker lashes. It's a great everyday mascara, especially considering the price.

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