Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Season of the Dress-- No Kidding

A curious thing happened a couple of weeks ago: we were standing outside of The Florida Room in Miami and we looked around and realized that we were the only women wearing jeans. Every other woman was wearing a dress. No exaggeration! We happen to LOVE our white jeans and they looked great with our new top; but we didn't expect to be so outnumbered. To verify this wasn't a fluke, we saw the same thing the following night. We saw it in L.A. when we were there for fashion week. Even in D.C., where it's not warm yet, there were tons more women wearing dresses.

We should have expected this, since all the mags have been saying it for months: here comes the season of the dress. Some of us are more prepared than others. Take the JSGs, one of us has 50+ dresses that take up their very own closet; the other only wears jeans--almost always. We mostly saw short dresses, especially since we were a clubs. Look for Grecian styles, one shoulder styles, and color blocked dresses.

Here are a couple of our favorites. We found both at Shop Bop.

Here's a gorgeous dress that Annie covets by Mint Jodi Arnold (It looks even sexier from the front)

Here's Hope's pick -- an alice + olivia dress (metallic AND sequin, yes!):


ShallowGal said...

I can vouch that Hope has been coveting that dress for ages ! (We visit it at Cusp at least once a month!) xoxo, SG

Jennifer said...

OK...first because I thought that I was the only one who visits clothing there. I'm more of a jean wearer. I feel more comfortable in those than anything else.
But, I have to day that this post is making me seriously consider buying a dress or two though. Something that can be kind of casual though, because I couldn't tell you the last time me and the hubby went out. Really. : (

The Jet Set Girls said...

Good idea! We'll do a post soon about casual dresses. Hopefully we can find some that do NOT look like mumus, which seem to be all the rage right now. Check back in a week or so!

Anonymous said...

I love the sparkle! It's such a great transition dress too as you can wear it solo or with tights..

Lily x

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