Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 Minutes-- Hair We Come!

Do women ever grow out of playing with their hair? We think not and were thrilled to come across a feature on Total Beauty: 17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes. They have styles for different lengths and textures and none requires more than a product or two. Our favorite was the Beach Hippie (pictured above) which works best on "unwashed, dry, slept-on hair". Perfect fit! The night before we used VO5's Curvaceous Curls Styling Mouse and let it air dry. It did a nice job of controlling the frizz and bringing out the natural curl in our hair; but the next morning, we needed more style. Enter the Beach Hippie. A few sprays of VO5's Volume Blast hairspray and a couple of bobby pins, and our hair looked great! This do would work great in humid weather--Atlanta, Houston, Miami. Let's stop fighting the curl and embrace it.

Visit Total Beauty for full instructions. You can find V05 products at drug stores nationwide: they smell terrific, worked great for styling and experimenting with new do's, and only run $3.49.

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