Monday, April 14, 2008

Meeting an Idol

Our birthday girl was sick. We didn't eat any mini burgers. BUT we did meet chef Wolfgang Puck himself at dinner on Friday night at The Source in D.C.! The Wolf was charming and stopped by every table to say hello. In our awe, we were speechless, so we didn't think to suggest to him that he start serving those dang kobe burgers that everyone raves about in the bar as well as the restaurant, where we were seated. Here's hoping he reads The Jet Set Girls!

Above: Amy, Wolfgang, Annie and Hope. Not pictured: Birthday girl Heidi who was home with the flu (She's on the mend now!)


MzTravelDiva said...

How ironic! I was just watching Wolfgang's 'chefography' on the Food Network yesterday. Sounds like you all had fun!

Anonymous said...

email over the pix of us at brunch!! you guys look super cute -so sad i missed
xo - birthday girl

Julia said...

You guys look like you had a blast. Sorry I couldn't meet everyone. Next time.

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