Monday, April 28, 2008

Because Jet Set Girls Are Always Gracious...

We know you always send thank you notes to your host--or at least you always, always mean to! Well, when you have stationery as cute as the above from Philosophies it gives you one more very good reason to get that letter in the mail. The cards and prints have sentiments that sound like they were lifted out of our diary.

Be Straight Up With Friends and Martinis:

Wear Pumps Take Taxis:

and we LOVE this luggage tag which nails the point of our girls' getaways:

We're super-excited to offer all JSG readers a 15% discount now through May 11--which is Mother's Day for those who need reminding! (Be sure to check out the ultra adorable Mom's Day card collection.) At checkout, enter the code: JETSET

To get started shopping, click here.

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