Friday, February 29, 2008

On Our Radar: The Plaza Re-Opens

Back in the day when we were an intern before our senior year of college, we went to our very first grand event at the Plaza--an award show for the trade magazine we were working on at the time. We felt as if we were the epitome of glamour in the white spaghetti strap dress we had bought for the occasion. We still have the invitation in our scrapbook, along with some stirrers and matchbook with the original Plaza logo.

Since then, we've been fortunate enough to go to a handful of events and even had the opportunity to stay at the hotel. Unfortunately, this means we were also witness to the grande dame's demise: we were served out of chipped glasses and dealt with navigating around the tiny, outdated bathrooms that even had a speck of mold and no shelf for our toiletries.

Count us among the masses who will be lining up to visit the newly refurbished version, opening its doors tomorrow. The website promises that after the 2-year $400 million renovation, the hotel will keep all the fixtures we know and love (tea at the Palm Court, a lobby that duly impresses Eloise wannabes) along with some much needed improvements. We, for one, were excited to read about the 24-carat gold plated Sherle Wagner designed sinks and fixtures, which are certain to be mold free. Other highlights are a branch of the always fab Warren Tricomi salon and a the Oak Bar. But you'll find us at the Champagne Bar! Not only does it serve our favorite bubbly (anything served in a glass), the menu was created by Jean Georges' alum Dider Virot.

For reservations, click here.

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