Monday, February 25, 2008

The Secrets to Being a Good Bridesmaid

We love planning bachelorette party getaways. So much so, that it inspired us to start this blog. We took everything we've learned from planning the perfect bachelorette party, with just the right mix of girl bonding and debauchery and made that the basis of The Jet Set Girls. (We've also taken 30th birthday trips, which morphed into taking annual trips, which morphed into taking trips whenever we can get away!)

Because we know we're good at planning bachelorette parties, we know we're also good bridesmaids. Between us, we've been in 16. We were stunned to read in yesterday's NY Post in "Brides Maid to Order" about a bride who makes her friends sign a bridesmaid's contracts that says they should not gain weight (we've been a pregnant bridesmaid); have no visible tan lines (granted, a suggestion Cameron Diaz could have used at last night's Oscars), and not drink at the reception until the bride says it's okay (total dealbreaker!). The kicker was this bride wanted to plan her own shower but still expected her 'maids to pick up the tab. Ugh!

We have our own, kinder, gentler set of rules which have served us well:

1. Never be a bridesmaid to an insane bridezilla.

2. Walk slowly and smile when you walk down the aisle. So many bridesmaids look at their feet as the hurry down the aisle. You may hate than you're in a coral strapless with a ginormous bow, but that doesn't change the fact that 100+ people are looking at you. Put on a smile and rock that frock!

3. Make sure the family of the bride are having a good time — they may not know as many people there, are going through familial stress associated with a wedding or are just shy. Trust us, if Uncle Fred is having a good time, everyone at the wedding is, too. We even went so far at our friend Shawna's wedding to have our date make sure her demanding mother had a drink in her hand at all times. It made everything easier for everyone involved.

4. Showers are inherently boring ("Oooooh, a toaster! A wine goblet!"). Try a co-ed cocktail party. Or if you must do a luncheon or tea, make sure the wine is flowing!

5. Planning a kick ass bachelorette party getaway? Not sure where to go? Email us your questions at and we'll help you plan a party for the ages!

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Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch! i'm 16 and was chosen 2b a bridesmaid for the first time!! this post (and many others lol) is a big help for those of us who dont know what we're expected to do!

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