Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sexy V. Slutty

We’re still a bit perplexed about the differences between dressing sexy and slutty, so we checked in with our friend and fellow Jet Set Girl, Monica Diaz, expert and founder of Style Matters, for some advice. “Sexy is never loud it is more of a whisper,” says Monica. We're all ears!

Here’s Monica’s list for the top 10 sexy items every JSG must own:

1. Anything silk - the way it drapes and reflects light silk is very sexy and feels sexy. (JSG Note: Our S.O. actually prefers silk lingerie to lace)
2. Jeans - the right jeans look sexy on both sexes.
3. High Heels - They make your legs look amazing! Just make sure you can walk in them (JSG Note: So true! Our S.O. hates when he sees a woman who has a wobbly or duck-footed walk.)
4. Backless dresses or tops - I love the surprise factor of a top or dress that is completely covered in the front and then your back is completely exposed. Very sexy.
5. Low cut tops that show just enough to keep them guessing.
6. Red is very sexy and every woman should own a red dress.
7. Soft skin so a great body cream with a touch of shimmer is sexy. (JSG note: Our fave shimmer cream is Mario Badescu’s Summer Shine Body Lotion. It gives the perfect touch of shimmer—not to little and not so much that you look sweaty.)
8. Perfume worn so that the person needs to be next to you to get a whiff of your scent.

9. Earrings the right color and shape earrings can add life and sex appeal to your look
10. Dresses are so sexy, especially if they flow and move with you and especially when it has a slit. The slit when you walk or sit is like a game of peekaboo.

We think we got it now--Scarlett Johansson, not Paris Hilton.

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Anonymous said...

Monica, you are absolutely right "sexy should not be loud." Thank you for your top 10 sexy list. I need to start pulling somethings from my closet.

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