Friday, February 22, 2008

On Our Radar: The Sundance Resort

The JSG make no bones about loving the beach; but a couple of times each year we bundle up and hit the slopes. Leave it to still sexy Robert Redford to develop the most woman friendly resort we could find. Not only does Utah's Sundance Resort, not far from Park City, offer world class skiing (remember the '02 Winter Olympics?), but when you need a break from the slopes, there's still plenty to do. The town's Art Shack offers 2-hour classes on things like jewelry making, watercolor and pottery throwing (who doesn't still fantasize about being Demi More in Ghost), the Spa at Sundance uses traditional Native American healing techniques and shopping and restaurants abound. If you're looking to brush up on your skiing skills, the mountain also offers women only ski and snowboard clinics. What a great way to fine tune your skills without "distractions."

While we're at it, here are a few pointers to make the slopes more friendly:

1. Always wear high SPF- nothing makes your nose look bigger than a day on the slopes and a sunglasses line on the bridge of your nose. One of our faves is the Kiehl's All-Sport "Non-Freeze" Face Protector.

2. Always wear chapstick- rehabbing peeling lips is much harder than avoiding them.

3. Remember our tips for the perfect snow-bunny pony.

Now on to the important stuff:
4. If you tree ski, keep up with the guys, or have children, consider wearing a helmet. They're not as goofy on the slopes as they used to be and you can take them off as soon as you get to the chalet.

5. A drink at lunch is fun, but don't get carried away. You're not half as good of a skier/boarder as you think you are after multiple cocktails. The first aid room is full of people who have made that mistake.

6. Never exaggerate your abilities to a friend or prospect, once you are hovering over that mogul run you'll wish you'd kept your mouth shut. The mountain is a great equalizer.

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