Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can I have some fries with that shake?

JSG appreciates a good pick up line (and could probably use a few ourselves). JSG’s best one we’ve ever heard isn’t a line per se, so much as a story: One day while waiting to cross an NYC streets, a handsome man asked if we could hold his phone for a minute and proceeded to walk away. When we pointed out he was walking away from his phone, he casually and coolly replied, “I’ll call you to get it back.”

Now we’re married to each other.

Just kidding! While we admired the gent’s suaveness and ingenuity, we were in a relationship at the time, so we gave him his phone back then and there.

You're probably wondering by now what we're leading up to: If you have a funny pick up line, not only do we want to hear it, Kenneth Cole Reaction does as well. They’re sponsoring a contest and the grand prize is a trip for two to Vegas plus a $500 Kenneth Cole gift card and $500 in spending money, which will just about buy you a table at Pure. (We’re not entered in this contest, but we can still use your votes in the Tourism France contest)!

Click here to enter. It's running through the month of February. If you do enter, drop us a line--we'll vote for you!

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