Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tracy Anderson's Tips for Sexy Legs

We recently had the opportunity to attend a workout with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, courtesy of Venus Razors. Tracy is on speed dial of certain celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez who both worked out with Tracy when they needed to lose their baby weight.

Tracy's philosophy is to target the smaller muscles that are often neglected. And we can vouch--after the 30 minute workout, we were sore in place we didn't even know we had muscles. Here's a sample:

tracy anderson

A) Balance on a three pound weight with both hands; the non-working side elbow should be on the ground. Start with your knee bent and pulled in towards your shoulder
B) As you extend the leg behind you, lift your elbow off the floor. The finished position has both hands on head of weight balancing with leg extended behind. Repeat/switch sides

Trust us--it's harder than it looks! But even if you do master Tracy's exercises or even, no woman's leg is sexy if it's stubly. Tracy recommends the Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich Razor. "It has shave gel bars, enhanced with a triple blend of body butters, to create a layer of protection for your skin with every stroke."

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