Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memorial Day Getaway Ideas #2--Portland, Oregon

In the past three months, we've heard of more friends traveling to Portland than in the past decade. And why not? Though it has been a few years since we've been, we remember Portland as an accessible and friendly city. Add to it the burgeoning wine, dining and art scene and you've got a winner for Memorial Day.

Food carts reign supreme with options ranging from grilled cheese to Korean to empanadas.  That's the double decker bus that's home to the Grilled Cheese Grill below. Check out FoodCartsPortland.com for more options and a map.

We've begged all our friends who have visited us to bring us back a sweet treat from Voodoo Doughnuts. If you go, please try the bacon maple bar and let us know how it is!
Courtesy of Voodoo Doughnuts

To walk off some of those calories peruse the art galleries along Old Town, the Pearl District and Alberta Street. Or head to the International Rose Test Garden, which is home to more than 7,000 rose bushes. Weather-depending, you may hit it while they're all in bloom. This year, the annual Rose Festival takes place from May 27-June 19.

Portland has a large number of boutique hotels. Two to consider are hipster-fave Ace Hotel in downtown Portland (below) and the Hotel Lucia, which is home to Typhoon Restaurant that has won raves for its Thai cuisine. 

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miss tejota said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Portland. I was always told how crunchy the town was, but when I went a couple of months ago I was met with swarms of short skirts and popped collars trying to get into night clubs. Stiletto's jumping over street kids to get to the next best thing. That aspect left a bad taste in my mouth.

But eating an insane amount of goodness from Voodoo doughnuts made up for it. The Voodoo line does rival many NYC hotspots, but I was happy I did it because the Memphis Mafia and Bacon Maple Bar were well worth the wait. The Memphis Mafia is as big as my head and so frakkin' good. The Bacon Maple Bar is so ridiculous good, if you didn't like bacon before, you will love it after. But note for the vegan folks out there Voodoo does offer vegan goodness as well.

I got to experience some food carts as well. Korean BBQ taco cart near the Benson is totes yummy!!! I didn't write down the name of the cart, but they are better than Koji's.

And what Portland experience would be complete without spending time in Powell's. I was in there for hours and was quite a happy camper. That book store is the best and the staff of so amazing.

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