Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Ummm...I think we're wearing the same dress!"

With all the chatter about SJP wearing the same Nina Ricci dress to a SATC premier as a socialite did to the Met ball a month earlier, we were reminded of this story from our trip to Phoenix last winter. It serves as a good contrast to SJP's statement on the dress: "It’s just unethical and disappointing that they would allow the dress to be worn again."

When we were having wine and apps at the bar at Olive & Ivy's, a girl came running across the bar to our friend, Shawn. She thought they were wearing the same blue sequin dress and said if they had on the same outfit they should at least be friends. As it turns out they weren't--Shawn's was in fact a top--but it's a good example of how to handle a potentially awkward situation gracefully.

In SJP's defense she does acknowledge that it's a pretty trivial matter in the grand scheme of things, but wouldn't it be nice if she said, "Yes, we wore the same dress and Santo Domingo and Linds both looked gorgeous in it?" After all, there are only so many good dresses to go around--trust us, we've shopped for them recently!

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