Thursday, June 5, 2008

Help for Frizzy, Summer Hair

Some of us have naturally curly hair, some staight, JSG's Hope has frizzy hair. D.C.'s hot and humid summers are the worst. It was a swamp before they settled it, ya know? Her daily routine this time of year is wash, pull hair back and go. When she's going out, she'll use several hair care products in the futile attempt to tame it.

When we visited the Blow Styling Salon in NYC last week, our stylist Christina (that's her on right with Hope) offered a fun alternative: Beach Blow texturing mist. Just wash, spritz, and air dry. It helps if you twirl sections of your hair around your fingers while it's drying, which is easy to do on your way to work. Finish by working Weather or Not climate neutralizer through your hair and over any fly aways. Verdict, Hope had much less frizz, with lots of volume and curl. Bonus, half way through the next day she pulled it back at the pool and had the perfect beach pony.


Annie said...

Great picture! You look so pretty!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Annie, you look great Hope! : )
After LA and Dusty declaring that bobs are so over...I've decided to grow mine out. Especially so I can do the perfect beach pony. : )
And...yes...DC is sweltering in the Summer. Yuck. : (

A Mom in Red High Heels said...

Hope, you are so pretty! Love your thick, full hair! I can't wait to meet the other half of The Jet Set Girls!

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