Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimsuit Sales

Score! We got our tax check today and boy is that money burning a hole in our pockets. Take that extra cash, combine it with the fact that we are most surprisingly and even more happily at our ideal weight (We're on that diet called, S-T-R-E-S-S!) and that now is an excellent time to find swimsuits on sale, and we were off to Saks faster than you can say "Stimulus".

The 10th floor has loads of suits from Juicy, Vix, Shoshana, Milly, Tommy Bahama, Carmen Marc Valvo, just to name a few, most at 30 percent off.

We started with Shoshana--we love that she has different cup sizes. And unlike our well-endowed friend at Fashion Binge, we struggle to fill a B-cup, which presents its own kind of problems. (Click here to read about her swimsuit search.) We tried on the bottom to this suit, but they didn't have the top in our size. Strike 1.

Next we moved on to this suit by Milly, but were forced to admit our bandeau top days are behind us (Small boobs sag, too!) Strike 2.

Next up was this sexy number by Vix, but the knit fabric seemed more appropriate for a sweater than a swimsuit and has the potential to get droopy when wet. Strike 3.

Then we thought we would try a one piece.

Just kidding! That crazy style didn't look good on Kim Kardashian, it's not going to look good us.

We thought long and hard about this Shoshana cover up in navy, but didn't get it and now we're experiencing buyer's remorse.

So--we left empty handed. A decision we will surely regret on our next girls' trips when our friends make fun of us for wearing the same bikini we've had since 1992. But for some reason, we can't justify spending that kind of money (even when the suit's on sale and the cash is a gift from the government) on something that doesn't make us feel like a rock star. The search continues...

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