Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer's Around the Corner, Are You Ready?

Whether you're getting ready for summer or your next trip to the tropics, the moisturizer you're using now may not be appropriate. We change up our whole skin care line in the summer, in fact one of us changes her cream to a super SPF and wears bronzer only.

When we were in Miami last time, we tried La Mer's new Moisturizing Gel Cream and loved it! It has all the same benefits as the original Creme de la Mer (hydration, repair, renewal, you know!); but in a much lighter formula. It was ultra light and left our skin smoother and firmer. The original formula would have been too rich in Miami's humidity. Actually, the original formula is just too rich at home for us.

We paired the Gel Cream with the SPF 18 Fluid Tint, which also has the beneficial seaweed extracts and antioxidants from La Mer. It too was light and provided sheer coverage (because you don't want your makeup caked on at the beach) and great sun protection.

You can find both a Saks, Neiman's, Bergdorf's, or These products come at a price, the Gel Cream retails for $220, the SPF 18 Fluid Tint for $65.


The Jet Set Girls said...

If your skin is normal to oily or oily, try La Mer's Oil Absorbing Lotion. It has the same ingredients as Creme de la Mer but leaves a matte finish. (We haven't tested it ourselves. Let us know if you have!)

Ellie said...

Well, I'll tell you the La Mer products worked for me for awhile, but my feet and lower legs really suffer with the dryness of winter in the Midwest - so to prepare my feet and legs to be seen again I use a new product by E. Burnham Cosmetics called simply soothing shea butter creme - it has a rich buttery texture and is absorbed quickly in the skin holding moisture and leaving your skin soft and supple... I use it all over now with fab results.... you can only get it online at their web site
but worth the effort ... and it has a yummy vanilla spice scent. Go for it girls, you won't be sorry.

Girl-Woman said...

I loved the La Mer products. I know some disagree with the hype, but it truly made my skin feel fabulous. Or was that my brain? Great post!

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