Monday, March 24, 2008

Facialist to the Stars

When we were in LA for Fashion Week, we were lucky enough to get squeezed in for a facial at the Kate Somerville Clinic. We've read about it in just about every celeb magazine known to man: Kate takes care of the skin of, oh let's see, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone, Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh, just to name a few. And the celeb factor didn't disappoint: when we were waiting for our appointment, the receptionist was saying that Michelle Tractenberg had just had her eyebrows done there.

Could any facial live up to that amount of hype? Yes, and then some.

We had the Dermal Quench facial, which felt like little puffs of air, in a totally pleasant way. The puffs are actually shots of oxygen infused with vitamins and hyaluronic serum. All we know is that we could literally feel our skin getting plumper and less tired during the treatment. Afterwards, our skin was glowing and we truly were "Red Carpet Ready" as the brochure promised.

We've been using the Quench serum religiously. Our skin hasn't looked this good in years. We expect to get carded any day now!

Kate's products are available through 800-984-KATE.

As a funny aside, we learned that Johnny Depp used to have his office upstairs in a space that will soon be the clinic's VIP area. When we asked the manager if Johnny was as cute in person, she said yes, and they used to get excited when they could see Johnny's feet on his balcony!

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