Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Next In Line: MAC's Beauty Powder Blush

Considering they've brought back the high waisted jean, and pin straight hair has given way to loose, wavy curls (remember the Melanie Griffith hair at the Whitley Kros show), should we be surprised there's a push in make-up toward an 80's style darker, more defined cheek bone? Our first thought on opening the newest collection by MAC, the Beauty Powder Blush, was how bright the colors were. If you look closer though, the texture is silky soft with a slight shimmer and sheer color. You can use more to build up the dramatic cheekbone, or less for a daytime glow. Let's just hope they don't bring back the perm!

The Beauty Powder Blush is available this month at MAC Stores, department stores, or on line.

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