Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forget the Book Club...

We knew we would like Maureen Christian Petrosky the moment she started talking about what wine pairs with PB&J. (The answer: Zinfandel). Though she's the author of The Wine Club, she's obviously not your typical wine snob.

We met her at the launch event for Seven Daughters wine, a new affordable wine that is a blend of seven grapes and is 100% delicious. (You can find it at some Targets and it retails for a suggested price of $15.) Maureen's book is a fresh take on the book club, which when you get down to it, is basically just an excuse to drink wine anyways.

Her book is broken down into months and gives appropriate wine and food pairings with recipes for the season. For example, April is "Merlot My Dear" and she gives several suggestions of wines to experiment with from an $8 bottle from Chile to a $30 bottle of Bordeaux and the suggested nibbles are Parmesan Cheese Straws and Deep Fried Green Olives.

We suggest you do as Maureen says and "Get Your Drink On" while strategizing how you'll get away for your next girls' getaway!

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