Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Who says all resolutions need to be life changing? You're probably not going to keep them past January 15, so why not have a little fun when you set them, too? In that spirit, in 2008, JSG resolves to:

Never be hungover again! Not to mention no more flying drunk or shopping drunk.

Eat more orange food.

Visit more cities that have an A in them.

Always take the stairs.

Wear metallic whenever possible.

Worry a little less if our outfit matches (a la Sienna, NOT Britney).

Meet more bloggers.

Bring back better souvenirs for our friends and families. See ya, magnets!

Learn to be a better flirt.

Make some new playlists so we're not forever listening to the same songs on our iPod.

Experiment with makeup more. We'll look to our friends at Makeupbag.net and All About the Pretty for advice.

Delete e-mails after we read 'em. No more in-boxes that top 718 for us!

Use fewer napkins. We've been good about turning down plastic bags now for years, but still take a handful of napkins whenever we go to Starbucks or Pinkberry. Must save those trees!

Check back in and we'll let you know how we're doing!


Anonymous said...

Happy '08, girls!

Anonymous said...

Add: unsubscibing to all those pesky on line retailers- good bye Victoria's not so Secret!

Amy said...

My New Year resolution is to win more Aerosole boots. (Hint, hint!)

heidi said...

Why not try the "Jan Plan" instead of an entire year? SO - don't drink at all in the month of January, don't spend too much money, try to exercise and eat right - and again - it's only for 31 days - not 365. Of course come Jan 5th i will not have a choice - i will drink too much, not eat healthy and spend probably too much - but it'll be worth it!!! and there is not a shot in hell i'll be exercising.......

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