Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For Better or Worse

One of the best parts of being a JSG is all the great products we get to test (most often for free!). There are lots of them. This week took a turn for the worse for half of us. You see JSG tried on something that caused her lower lids to inflame like two caterpillars, then peel, and now look red and puffy and wrinkly. From all accounts, we'd say it looks like we've had a chemical peel. Saddest part, not sure which of the "miracle" products is responsible! There's a good chance it's a combination of more than one. Let's just say the eyes look bad enough that when JSG offered the significant other some Kiehl's hand creme (totally gentle, right?), he laughed and said he wouldn't use any of our products!

The moral of this story is follow directions, test out a new product on your inner wrist (also a sensitive skin area) before using it on your face, and don't combine cremes or treatments.

For the record, JSG thinks it was most likely a product containing salicylic acid: much too harsh to use close to your eyes. We'll see you in a few days, when we can come out of hiding!

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