Monday, January 14, 2008

Are You Blushing?

We were feeling a little perplexed about our blush as of late, especially on our big girls’ nights out—with too little we look washed out, but with too much, we get a little overly flushed thanks to our Irish genes. We decided to call in a pro, MAC Senior artist Romero Jennings. Sounds like our lesson came just in time, as Romero says, "Blush is our new found friend especially for this up coming season."

The most important part is to pick the right blush. Romero recommends a cream blush, like MAC’s Blushcreme, because it gives that coveted, instant glow. A word of caution from Romero, "Be careful to make sure that your nose forehead and chin are powdered when wearing crème blush or you might get a dated, retro, 70’s music video feeling. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that image but if it happens then it should look as if it was arranged."

Word up—no Blondie Blush for us!

To pick the right color, Romero says to look for a color that looks as if the cheeks are just sun kissed. “You should feel as if the blush is making you look healthier,” he says.

And for evening, save your money—you can use the same blush as daytime. “Just add a bit more than you would normally apply for your every day adventures,” he says.

We tried Mac's Brit Wit over the weekend and loved it! It gave the hint of sheer color without ever making us look like we had a full on flush--even after 3 glasses of Cab Sav.

Note: The Jet Set Girls are psyched to announce we have joined the Total Beauty blogging community! (You'll find us on their "Blogs We Love" page.) It's a killer site with reviews of just about every known lipstick, moisturizer and hair spray in the universe. We'll be reviewing beauty products on our site and theirs. To read our full review of Mac's Creme Blush, click here. Anyone can join and start rating products they love --and hate. The more reviews, the better! Now we'll never have to waste our money on a over-hyped jar of moisturizer or wimpy mascara again!

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