Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't leave home without MILK!

No, we’re not talking about the benefits of vitamin D or a new hangover remedy. This handy little acronym is all you need before a big night out. Our friend and then college roommate, Jill, came up with it to remember everything she needed before a night out. It stands for:

To this day, we use say it to ourselves as we’re stuffing our cute cocktail bag on our walk out the door. What about your cell phone, you may ask? Well, she came up with this—ahem—in the days before cell phones were ubiquitous. MILCK, anyone?

Need something small enough to take out with the girls and big enough to carry your MILCK? JSG loves Lauren Merkin clutches, we've got a few between us that we share on our girls' trips- denim, brown leather and gold sequin. We couldn't resist this fuscia color for spring. Can you? Click here for details.

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