Thursday, January 29, 2009

What to Wear in Florida When It's Cold...

A few weeks ago, we tackled the question of what to wear when traveling from a cold weather destination to a warm with the help of Smashing Darling.

Unfortunately we're not quite so lucky to have that problem as we head down to Tampa for Super Bowl festivities this weekend. We're looking at a high in the 60s and a low in the 30s!!! Brrr...If it weren't for the thought of all those free cocktails and the hope of scoring a ticket to the game, we might even stay home.

With our San Francisco debacle fresh in our mind, when we had to wear every item of clothing we brought with us in order not to freeze in the middle of summer, we set out to pack for our Super Bowl weekend. Adding another wrinkle to our packing dilemma, JSG is along for the ride on this trip so don't totally know what we'll be doing, though we were told to dress casual. While we pride ourselves on the ability not to overpack, we also want to be ready for every situation. Here's what we've come up with so far for our three evenings out:

All the tops can be worn with jeans and can go from day to night -- the blue sparkly shirt, too. (Keep in mind, we are founding members of the "Sequins for Day" club.) As for the dress, while it's not exactly casual, we couldn't help ourselves. We hardly ever get to wear it and we expect the sexy dominatrix vibe will win over Steelers and Cardinal fans alike.

To stay warm, we're bringing our fave brown Generra leather jacket, scarves and gloves. As for our daytime wear, well, it's a good thing we don't leave til Friday a.m!

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