Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mykonos Island: Beach Week Day 4

When it's dreary and cold at home, what more could you ask for than the bright skies and blue waters of Greece? We watched Mamma Mia! (again) on Christmas Day and couldn't help wishing we could be there. We'd love to gather our group of besties for a trip, whether to Skopelos where the movie was filmed or a more popular spot.

Mykonos tempts us with gorgeous beaches, white marble architecture, delish Mediterranean food, and resorts like the Palladium Hotel (pictured above)-- a small 5-star boutique hotel with views of the sea. Sure we'll spend most of our days at the beach; but we'd also rent a boat to explore the hidden coves around the island, do some shopping on the main street in town, and even go on a hike to catch the best views and take some great pictures.

When you go out, start your night at the Piano Bar in the "Little Venice" section of Montparnasse. Get there early enough to grab a good table.

Happy travels!

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