Thursday, December 31, 2009

How We Did on Our '09 Resolutions

Before we go and set our resolutions for '10, we always like to see how we did on the ones for the current year.

Here were our goals for 2009:

1. For the JSG blog: to do more and better videos.
This we can check off our list. Armed with our Flips, we've been much better about videoing our escapades. Check out our YouTube channel for proof.

2. No more typos!
Done. (Fur the mos par.)

3. To go to one major event that we haven't been to before (Sundance, Super Bowl, Miami's Winter Music Concert or SXSW in Austin).
We made it to Tampa for the Super Bowl and attended the Net Jets party, so we get half a point. 

4. Figure out how to get our nail polish to stay on for more than 2 days when we paint them ourselves. (This may involve purchasing a pair of rubber gloves for the sink. Not sexy!)
This may just be impossible.

5. Find the perfect pair of nude heels.
Now that we're reading this, we've got the perfect excuse to buy the LAMB Laken heels we've been eying!

6. Pay off the credit cards.
No comment.

7. Get on a healthy sleep schedule (this will help with losing the pounds we gained over the holidays and lighten up our dark circles).
Getting there.

8. Organize our desktop.
The desktop wins.

9. Go to more places with the letter "L" in them.
Let's see, we went to Florida, Colorado, Las Vegas, Alexandria, VA, a couple of Ritz Carlton's, and a whole bunch of other places without the letter "l".

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Estee Lauder's Blacker Than Black Eye Shadow

We can never get enough of a smoky eye: It's a shortcut to sexy and looks fantastic in photos. Our newest favorite entry into the world of dark shadows is the Estée Lauder Blacker Than Black Makeup collection, namely the Black Smoke Eye Shadow Quad. It comes with a sparkly black shadow (see the swatch below), a medium gray, a silver and a white for highlighting. For extra oomph, use the Double Wear Eye Pencil.

The Estée Lauder Blacker Than Black Makeup collection is available for a limited time online and at select department stores.

This review was based on a free sample.

A Sip of Sexy for the New Year

From snow angels to tree toppers, we can’t get enough of angels this time of year. But we can’t forget the sexiest angels of them all - Victoria’s Secret Angels. To add a sophisticated splash to your New Year's plans, try this new “Bombshell” cocktail that debuted at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Viewing Party. A drink like this goes great with a group of girlfriends, so call the crew and have the pre-party at your house!

Bombshell Cocktail
3/5 42 below passion fruit 42BELOW vodka
1/5 vodka
1/5 cranberry juice
A splash of passion fruit puree and garnished with lemon twist

Where Vera Wang Vacations

Might Vera Wang's next collection reflect a Barbadian influence? The designer told WWD that she's headed to Sandy Lane in Barbados (where Tiger Woods got married). She's packing gold Prada lace up sandals, a fisherman gold net bag and a wardrobe of short shorts--Go Vera!

We would also be happy to join Alice Temperely on her trip to Cuixmala, Mexico, where "drinking mighty fine margaritas" is on the itinerary. She tells WWD she packed in 8 minutes for the trip. We hope you didn't forget anything, Alice!

Jason Wu is headed to Vegas where he plans on taking in Cirque de Soleil's "O" and "Zumanity." Wonder if Christina Aguilera is hosting a New Year's Eve party at Tao.

Best Nail Polish for New Year's Eve

Have you made your plans for New Year's Eve?  Whether you're headed to a friend's party like Hope or to midnight yoga like Anne, there's always a good reason to start the new year looking your best.  Here are our picks for a great looking manicure:

Metro Chic may have been the hot Sephora nail color; but something with more sparkle would be ideal  for New Year's like Water Baby or Social Climber (pictured above) from the Sephora by OPI collection.

Essie's Mint Candy Apple (pictured above) looks modern and fresh and is easier on your wallet that Chanel's Jade.


What's old is new again, in this case Neon Pink by Illamasqua.  While we'll leave neon clothes to our younger fashionista friends, a pop of color on our nails will look just right wrapped around a champagne flute.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What to Wear for New Year's Eve

Still searching for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? Thanks to the folks at New York Magazine for compiling this fantabulous slide show of more than 100 dresses from $23(!!!) on up. It's hard to pick just one fave, but this Camilla and Marc dress available at Barney's is on our top three list for sure.

See all the New Year's Eve dresses.

The Best Travel Apps for the iPhone

While neither of us has an iPhone--we're stubbornly waiting until it's available with our cell providers--we know there are lots of amazing apps out there for it that  help with directions, flight delays, restaurants, enable Skype (above) even finding the nearest public bathroom. Here's a round up of apps that other sites found the most interesting. Let us know your favorite!

Travel & Leisure's Best Apps for the iPhone.

National Geographic Adventurer's Best Travel Apps for the iPhone.

Go Nomad's Best Travel Apps
for the iPhone.

USA Today's Best Travel Apps for the iPhone.

Do you have a favorite one to add to the list?

Monday, December 28, 2009

TSA Changes

With so many of us traveling over the holidays and the failed Christmas day attack on a Northwest Airlines flight, we checked the TSA website regarding heightened security.  The TSA has added security measures; but they aren't disclosing the changes which vary from airport to airport.  You can also expect to stow your carry on bags, turn off electronics and remain seated for longer periods once you're on your flight.  Our advice?  Arrive earlier than usual and expect longer lines at the security gates. 

We're always interested in changes to the carry on regulations, since we try to avoid checking whenever possible.  Here's a sampling of some of the things TSA wants you to pack in your checked baggage or leave at home. 

Cranberry sauce, cologne, creamy dips and spreads (cheeses, peanut butter, etc.), gift baskets with food items (salsa, jams and salad dressings), gravy, jams, jellies, lotions, maple syrup, oils and vinegars, perfume, salad dressing, and salsa.

We're puzzled by the cheese restriction: do they make draw a line between a triple cream and an aged cheddar?  When in doubt, send or pack it.  By the way, pies can be carried on but are subject to additional screening.

Photo courtesy of

Sunday, December 27, 2009

JSG in the New York Post

JSG's Anne Fritz was featured in Sunday's New York Post as one of the Twitterati who attended a recent holiday party hosted by celebrity stylist Robert Verdi. According to Robert, he chose Anne and the other bloggers/twiteratti, because "they have street cred, they have a lot of followers and they're disseminating smart information on the Internet."
Here are Anne's thoughts on the story:

I respect that as a newspaper the Post has space restrictions and didn't have room to mention that I co-edit The Jet Set Girls and that our website has a clear review policy. In brief, on JSG, we always give fair and honest reviews of products.  We will disclose if they are free. We don't receive everything we review for free. In fact, most of the products and services we review we purchase ourselves because we are true beauty, fashion and travel fanatics.  We always test the products we review thoroughly before letting you know our opinion of the product. For our complete review policy, please see our Contact Us page.

What are your thoughts on the piece?

Dream Destinations 2010

We asked, you answered. Europe reigns supreme for the top dream destination of JSG readers. About 2/5ths of you (42%) said you would most like to vacation in Europe, namely Italy, France, Greece, Ireland and England. (Of those who wanted to travel to Europe, those countries ranked 37%, 24%, 20%, 7% and 6.6%, respectively.) Italy appeals to you for the food, art, history and overall beauty of the country.

While Europe beat out various beaches around the world, 21% of you said you would enjoy a sojourn somewhere warm and sunny.

Australia made a respectable showing—4 percent of you said you dream of traveling to the land down under.

The most surprising destination was Korea, which received 5 votes. We were also happy to see the Maldives make the list with 3 votes and we had to check our Google maps to find Mauritius (shown above) picked by two JSG readers.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Announcing the Winner of the Coach Audrey Bag

Congrats to Wendy Guerra who won the Coach Audrey bag. Where is Wendy's dream destination?

"My dream destination is NYC!!! I've always loved the feeling that cities give me, but NYC is something different, it feels so much more alive than any other place for me. It inspires me, I love it!!"

We can't argue with that and the Coach Audrey bag is certainly big enough and flashy enough for New York. Congrats, Wendy!

Read on for more about the Coach Holiday Giveaway.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Need a Break from all the Christmas Music?

Or maybe you're snowed in this weekend? We promise you'll get a smile from the hundreds of sexy Brazilians celebrating the arrival of their summer last week with a Haviana-clapping flash mob. Ah--to be in the Southern Hemisphere!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Caring for Combination Skin in the Winter

Many of us have issues with breakouts even during the dry winter months. We were fortunate to speak with JoElle Lyons of the Hela Spa in Chevy Chase, Md. (and esthetician to the First Lady!) on how to treat combination skin. It's easy to take advise from someone who's so knowledgeable and has a gorgeous complexion of her own. Friend JoElle on Facebook and you'll receive her sage advise regularly.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inside Chanel's Apartment

Every morning we wake up to NPR, usually getting about 10 seconds of news in between pushes to the snooze button. Today, when we heard the name, "Coco Chanel" we immediately perked up and listened to the story.

The interview was with Odile Babin, a Chanel archivist (How do we get that job?!?), who has a charming French accent we could wake up to everyday. She took listeners on a tour of 31 Rue Cambon, Chanel's apartment. Among the chicest deets:
• Chanel would watch presentations of her new collections from the 5th step of her curved, beige carpeted staircase.
• "Mademoiselle Chanel hated doors," Babin said. "She hoped that by placing them [Chinese screens]in front of the door, her guests might not remember to leave."
• Among Chanel's prized possessions were three elongated octagon-shaped cigarette boxes for her Gitanes, a gift from one her lovers, the Duke of Westminster, that are engraved with the duke's coat of arms. The boxes are silver on the outside and gold on the inside — a luxury hidden from view, said Babin. 
• Chanel never slept at her apartment. Her nights were spent at the Ritz, a five-minute walk away.
• Before she would walk over to 31 Rue Cambon, Chanel would call to alert her staff that she was on her way so they could spritz the apartment with Chanel No. 5.

Read on for a virtual tour of Chanel's apartment and to listen to the broadcast.

Want to experience Paris for yourself? Check out the Coco Chanel tour.

Sex and the City Trailer

Our favorite part of the new Sex and the City sequul trailer? When Carrie says, "Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls!" We couldn't agree more, SJP!

And where do the girls go? In case you missed our earlier posts, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are headed to Morocco (though it may be pretending to be Dubai).

We can hardly wait until May 28 to catch the flick!


The Eloise Store at the Plaza

Attention all Eloise fans: The Eloise store is now open for business at The Plaza in New York. Some of the more popular items are an Eloise T-shirt, a Eloise Madame Alexander Doll and, of course, the books and movies.

And because you're never too young for a girls' getaway, the Plaza can arrange a "Live Like Eloise Slumber Party" for up to 6 girls. The party includes a $25 gift certificate to the Eloise store, Kay Thompson's Eloise's Guide to Life: or, How to Eat,   Dress, Travel. Behave and Stay Six Forever, Super Duper Sundaes,  Eloise Post Cards and an assortment of Eloise DVD's accompanied by Eloise's favorite movie snacks.

Read more about the Eloise boutique at The Plaza.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Virgin America Holiday Cheers Flights

Flying Virgin America today through December 26? Pay attention to see if you're on a special "Holiday Cheer" flight, when passengers will be treated to free cocktails and beers. Not only do you get the free booze, the first passenger to tweet or Facebook the flight scores a free roundtrip ticket anywhere Virgin America flies and an assortment of swag like wine-tasting tickets for two to Plumpjack wineries in Napa Valley, Yes to Carrots amenity kits, Snowflake Blue Microphones, VeeV Acai Spirit and a complimentary one-night stay at the Clift Hotel, in San Francisco. That ought to take the sting out of the hassle of holiday travel!

Follow Virgin America on twitter.

Last Day to Enter! Coach Audrey Giveaway

You know you want it!! Tell us your dream getaway on our Facebook page before 11:59 PST tonight and you'll be entered to win the Coach Audrey Metallic bag shown above. Read on for more info on how to win.

Holiday Gift Ideas- Space.NK Candles

This summer we fell for the Space.NK candles on our beauty crawl with Daily Makeover's Beauty Bloggerati. Their scents are natural and inspired. We were particularly drawn to the Tomato Rhubarb (pictured above) that had the distinct smell of a tomato plant's leaves that makes you think of warm summer nights.We were excited to hear about the Wild Garden collection of candles available for the holidays in scents like Blue Hyacinth, Citrus Mint, and Neroli Spice.

Available at Space.NK stores, select Bloomindales and

Holiday Gift Ideas - Ribbon Plates

If we lived in the burbs, we would definitely have a set of plates we only used at the holidays—and these Isaac Mizrahi bow dessert plates would be our pick. And since we're living large in our fantasy dream home with cabinets and storage areas galore, we would also add his plaid dessert plates into the mix.

Who is coming over for fruit cake?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Beyoncé's Heat: Watch the Commercial

Judging by this clip of the ad, Beyoncé's new perfume, Heat, promises to be sexy and sultry, befitting Shasha Fierce. Though we can't buy the new scent until February, it's a combo of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach, honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon and creme de musk with base notes of giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber. Take note guys: This is what we want for Valentine's Day!

Get the look: Rachel McAdams at the Sherlock Holmes Premiere

We love Rachel McAdams' hair at the Sherlock Holmes premiere last week; but hers isn't the first long braid we've envied lately.  A style like this would work great this winter especially when you need to wear a hat.  The look here is elegant but unstructured and with Sebastian stylist Thomas Dunkin, we can do it ourselves:

  1. Start by applying a volumizing product like Sebastian Professional Texturizer to wet hair.
  2. Blow dry in sections, and pin each section in medium and large sized Velcro rollers throughout whole head and allow to set for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Allow to cool then take down rollers, and spray hair with a dry shampoo for added texture.
  4. Emulsify a small dab of Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber between palms and run through top of hair. Backcomb front section and manipulate for height and volume. Secure with pins.
  5. French braid bottom half of hair starting behind left ear and pin random remaining pieces into braid for haphazard, playful positioning.
  6. Finish the look with Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce for tousled movement and controlled hold.

Photo credit: InStyle "Look of the Day"

Holiday Gift Ideas - Last Minute Gifts

Considering that only 60 percent of you had started Christmas shopping before last Thursday and the snowy weekend didn't help matters for all you East Coasters, we can all benefit from style guru Robert Verdi's tutorial on last minute gift ideas.

We basically haven't taken off the Portolano cashmere set of hat, scarf and mittens since we received it.  It's Robert's pick for the "Chic Commuter," and we certainly qualify! We love the periwinkle color. It's not the safe choice of cream or black, but is surprisingly flattering to many skin tones and hair colors. That's JSG's Annie, above, with Carolyn, modeling the popcorn stitch set.

True confession: We've never owned a pair of Uggs. But apparently they're still the hot holiday gift—and with good reason. As the legions of Uggs fans can attest, these boots are ultra warm and comfy. We're putting a pair of the slippers on our wish list.

Not sure what to get the hostess with the mostess? Robert recommends cookies from
Tasty Morsels Bakery. He's sending all his celeb friends cookies in the shape of his head (pictured top). Because, really, what else is there to give those obnoxious friends who already have everything they could ever possibly want, much less need?

For more of Robert Verdi's last minute gift ideas, check out RVTIPS on twitter.

This review was based on a free sample.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas- Calvin Klein Lingerie

Lingerie is always a great holiday gift idea and so are designer goods, that’s not a secret. A combination of both is even better! Give the gift of Calvin Klein underwear to your favorite Jet Set Girl this holiday season. Made with a Lycra and cushioned in all the right places (like behind the closure) the Perfectly Fit bra collection is perfect for travel. My favorite is the Perfectly Fit Push up lace bra. It will comfortably stay in place while you are running around the airport, lifting heavy luggage or twisting and turning in your seat to get comfortable on a long trip. I am not top heavy, and I found this seamless bra very flattering, which was invisible even under my t-shirt, with the right amount of lift and none of the stiffness. Get it for $44 in store or on their website.

I’ve worn Calvin Klein panties since my senior year of high school, back then more so because it was the cool thing to do, but now more because of their comfort and durability. The most important thing in panties is the elastic not digging into you, and I’ve never had that problem with CK underwear.

JSG has a special gift for our readers. Enter promo code CKUBLOG9 to get $10 off every $50 spent on Use it before it expires on 12/31/09.

Written by Ritu Ashrafi

This review was based on a free sample.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to Use the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron

You know that we'll try just about anything to get—and keep—our hair straight. We're thinking about the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron, especially after watching the Anti-Hair Slave's Video Review. What do you all think? Have you tried it?

Holiday Gift Ideas- Essie "On the Go" Travel Set

Whether you're feeling naughty or nice, the Essie "On the Go" Travel Set will keep your nails looking great and the smaller sizes make this ideal for packing. The set features two contrasting colors, Wicket and Ballet Slippers, that you can change depending on your mood; plus Fill the Gap and Good to Go.

Santa, we'd love to find this in our stocking!

Available at Nordstrom stores or

Friday, December 18, 2009

Web Snob Roundup 12-18-09

eye4style celebrates the season with a visit to the Barneys New York holiday windows!

Beauty Snob has more bronzing fun from Benefit!

Couture Snob has hot, sexy Miu Miu Lattice Platform Pumps to start off the new year!

Stiletto Jungle picks great gifts for him.

Allie is Wired takes a look at Madonna's Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Stay dry in the rain with these fashionable raincoats from Coquette.

Fashion Pulse Daily guest blogs at ModCloth, picking out her favorite items for the BFF, as well as the 'randoms'!

Tell The Jet Set Girls your dream vacation and you could win a Coach Audrey textured metallic bag!

Second City Style columnists give ideas to use on your holiday wish list with Second City Style's 12 Days of Christmas (Shopping) '09 gift guide.

Shopping and Info covets Victoria Secret super model Alessandra Ambrosio's Balenciaga Giant Covered Hardware city bag. put together some perfect party looks to take you through the holidays.

Cute and organic tot fashion at Tot Snob.

The Beauty Stop details how to get Kristen Stewart's new hairstyle.

The Fashion Bomb takes a look at The Top Five Fashionistas of 2009.

Mesh is hot for spring, and The Shoe Goddess is excited about this latest trend after seeing these sexy Giuseppe Zanotti Mesh Platform Booties!

V-Style is giving away a python patterned hand bag by Serena Signature.

Jewel Snob's Incredible Sale at Net-a-Porter.

On Our Radar: Osprey at Beaver Creek

osprey minibar
We love ourselves a good minibar! There's something so decadent about eating cashews and snacking on a chocolate bar while wearing the hotel robe. While we've heard of minibars with, um, personal items, the Osprey at Beaver Creek is our first experience with a minibar that features such beauty essentials as a Suki Balancing Mini Skincare kit, a cooling eye gel mask, a mani kit with OPI polish and Tru2 Oxygen, in addition to the usual snacks and treats.

Of course the minibar is just a small reason to visit the Osprey. The hotel opened last December after a a $7 million facelift (it was formerly the Inn at Beaver Creek) and is the closest resort to a ski lift in North America. It features ski in/ski out access to the slopes, an outdoor heated pool, a fire pit and sauna and steam rooms. The hotel is eco-friendly and was designed with locally sourced stone, indigenous metals and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood.

The Osprey is offering three nights for the price of two this season. The Three for Free program also gets you a $50 RockResorts gift card, on-mountain cash or dining card and a helmet camcorder. For more information, check out the Osprey's website.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas - Jimmy Choo Conti Bag

Forget the 80s, we want to take it back to the 70s and go disco style! One of our lifelong laments is that we weren't around to experience Studio 54 back in its heyday. If we could time travel, we would take the Jimmy Choo Conti bag, head to W. 54th Street on a Saturday night and wave it in Steve Rubell's face. No doubt the velvet ropes would instantly part and we would finally get our chance to party with Andy, Liza and Bianca.

*SIGH* Time travel or no, the print pony and snakeskin clutch is still pretty fab and definitely on our holiday wish list!

Holiday Gift Ideas - Sephora Favorites Lip Service

Need a gift for a glam girl? Or maybe your friend who never seems to wear the right hue of lipstick? The Sephora Favorite Lip Service comes with 8 bestselling lipsticks and glosses, including:
  • Duwop Private Red
  • Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Sheer
  • Sephora Nano Lip Liner in Beau Bordeaux 11 or Radiant Rosy 14
  • NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday
  • Korres Guava Lipstick in Wine Red
  • CARGO Plantlove Botanical Lipstick in Muir Woods
  • Tarte Vitamin Infused Lipstick in Hatha
  • Laura Mercier Lip Coulour-Crème in Pink Champagne
She (or you) are bound to find a new fave. We love that some of the lipsticks are miniatures, so they'll fit in our carry ons and cocktail bags, no prob!

A Peek Inside the Founder of AirRepair Skincare's Bag

Who better to ask about travel essentials than Denise Spanek, founder of AirRepair Skin Care? Denise travels from San Fran to the east coast frequently for 2 or 3 night trips. What's in her carry on?

There are three basic guidelines to my carry-on: Fashion, Fitness and Function. I am an avid runner and a yoga practitioner and I don't give those activities up just because I travel. They are my sanity with the schedule I'm keeping these days! That said, after packing running shoes and workout clothes, there is very limited space for the rest, so I have to make sure that what I pack is going to get the most use for the space.

I'm never without: my Dolce & Gabbana black, light wool turtleneck dress, a pair of Wolford black hose, my skinny black Levi jeans (great for day with boots, with heels for the evening), basic white, black and grey tees (Gap or American Apparel--below--are my favs) and a cardigan or pullover.

For shoes, I'm a boot girl, especially this time of year. I take one comfortable pair that I could walk ten miles in if I choose to and a high-heeled boot for evening (black, of course!) I pack everything in a very basic Briggs and Riley roller suitcase; not fancy but extremely functional and durable.

My hand bag, or what I call my "carpet bag" is one of my favorite recent purchases. It's one of the Cole Haan, duffel style bags that Maria Sharapova, designed for them (That's the small triple satchel from Maria's line, below). I usually stay away from this kind of co-branding "hype" but I'm telling you, this bag is awesome! It's stylish AND functional.

When it comes to beauty products, with few exceptions, I'm a niche brand girl. Of course I would not travel without my JSG's OpenSky store. Air Repair Rescue Balm or Complexion Quenching Facial Mist. I'm constantly applying both in-flight to combat the effects of the nasty cabin environment. Plus, I know I have a fighting chance of not landing looking like a Sharpei!

As far as make-up, I've become a minimalist. I love the Perfekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel in Radiant to even out skin tone, Maria Galland mini mascara "intense" from France and Susan Posnick's lip colors (a light, neutral pink called Dallas--shown--and a more intense plummy red called NYC). I also use a bronzer from Le Metier De Beauté.

To make my life easier, I just got a fun, wash and wear hair cut so my hair products are basically a conditioning shampoo and this crazy hair wax called Magic Move Soft that my stylist gave me.

When I don't have my nose in every fashion, style or travel magazine, then I do like to take a book (or two ) with me when I travel. I'm a little "ADD" when it comes to reading books, so I usually have two going at a time. Right now it's The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery and This I Believe; The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women. The latter I read when I need inspiration.

I am addicted to my iphone for many reasons...but I won't bore you. Let's just say it makes my business travel easier than it ever was before. I don't know how I went without it. I do love my ipod as well. Music is a passion of mine and I have a wide variety of tastes. You'll find everything from Nick Drake to Joni Mitchell to The kidding! Right now I'm into a new alternative band I've discovered called Iron and Wine...really lovely.

Last but not least, I always travel with my good luck diamond studs that my honey gave me, my vintage Cartier watch and a simple, gold heirloom necklace with three charms (representing faith, hope and love) that my mom gave me for "protection" when I fly.

Watch Denise talk about the inspiration behind the Air Repair Skin Care kit. Buy AirRepair on JSG's OpenSky store.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas- For Your Jet Set Guy

I was thrilled to see my hubbie bent over the keyboard this weekend searching for the best flight to Mexico for a guys' trip. You may wonder why I'd be happy he's going away without me: truth is, at JSG we think it's just as important for guys to spend time with their friends as it is for us.

Here's what I getting him for his trip: the Aveda Men's Carry-on Companion. It's a set of four travel size hair products including, shampoo, conditioner, grooming clay, and firm hold gel, each under 2 oz.

Purchase at or Aveda stores and salons.

Special Offer with Shop Go Girl: Perfect for the JSG

We love the products at Shop Go Girl, because they're sized perfectly for travel, not too mention the great packaging. Our favorites are the Chic Apparel double sided tape for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions for only $9.50 and the Lint-on-the-go-sheets for keeping our overcoats tidy this winter ($12.00).

Use the code "JetSet" at checkout to receive a 10% discount today through Friday.

Celebs' Vacation Spots

Wondering where you might be able to catch an elevator ride with J-Lo, A-Rod and Jay-Z while on vacation this holiday season? Travel & Leisure put together this slide show of Celebrities' Secret Winter Vacation Spots.

Our fantasy picks? Annie would opt for Richard Branson's Necker Island (above), part of Virgin Limited Edition. Jimmy Fallon got married on the private island and Bono and Oprah Winfrey have also stayed. Rates start at $51K a night!

Hope's been craving another trip to Mexico since she was there in September. Her pick is Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos with its ocean-view suites, beach front hammocks, and sinuous infinity pool. Running into Brad or Leonardo while she's there would be an added bonus.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sponsored Post: Coach Holiday Giveaway

Find a bag for all your jet setting friends at Coach this holiday season. There’s one for every holiday destination! BONUS: Enter to win a Textured Metallic Audrey bag. Deets are at the end of the post!

Lucky friend headed to Vegas to ring in 2010? Nothing says “Sin City” like this Leopard Sequin Claire bag.

Your snow bunny friend will fit right in with Mariah Carey, Christie Brinkley and the other A-list Aspen regulars with the Quilted Trapper Hat.

Send your friend off to live “la vida loca” with an Op Art Darcy clutch inspired by Miami’s colorful art deco architecture.

Show your island hopping friend that you’re not only green, but aqua blue, about her trip to a sunny locale with the Poppy necklace.

Whether it’s Cabo, Zijuataneo or the Riviera Maya the Zebra Haircalf Brooke Clutch will help unleash your best bud’s wild side on her Mexican vacation.

An over-sized Darcy clutch in a nontraditional color like emerald green is funky enough for L.A.’s west coast style.

New York
She’ll jump to the head of the line at even the most exclusive NY Meatpacking district club with the Metallic Garnet Clutch.

Home to the Folks
When visiting the folks, she’ll appreciate this roomy, classic Textured Metallic Audrey bag in a funky amethyst leather. It’s the perfect compromise between what her mom wants and what your friend desires. If only her outfit, hair, boyfriend were that easy.

Jet Setting Friend
For the friend who is constantly on the go, jetting from NYC to Paris to L.A. and back again, she’ll thank you for this Amanda jewelry roll to help keep all her baubles straight. If only her travel calendar could be managed so easily!

Gift for Yourself
Go ahead and indulge yourself--it's one of the perks of holiday shopping, after all--with this Poppy Feather Crossbody. You’ve been so good shopping for everyone else, surely you deserve a little purple feathered something, don’t you?

JSG is excited to give once luck winner a Textured Metallic Audrey bag. To enter, log on to our Facebook Fan page and tell us what your dream destination is for 2010!

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents and runs today through December 22 at midnight.

Need inspiration for your dream trip? Watch the video below. Bon Voyage!

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