Friday, January 9, 2009

Hawaii, Beach Week Day 5

All that coverage of Barack Obama’s Hawaiian vacation was such a tease or maybe it was that cougar-porn movie Flirting With Forty we watched last time we were down with a cold—JSG wants to go there, too.

For the uninitiated, Hawaii is more than a clichéd destination for honeymooners: The island of Oahu would be our choice for a girls’ getaway. Not only is it home to the famed North Beach, which is teeming with hot surfer dudes, practically every restaurant serves a version of Poke, our very favorite food (the Hawaiian version of ceviche), which we would happily eat by the bucket load morning, noon and night, it also has excellent shopping, including the world class Ala Moana Center, which along with the state, turns 50 this year.

As if that weren't enough, Hawaii is a bit of a bargain these days. Two of Waikiki's best boutique hotels are offering winter specials: Aqua Bamboo's rooms start at $110 a night and Waikiki's Wyland hotel has rooms starting at $129 a night. Now if only we could find ourselves a hot surf instructor a la Robert Buckley....

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