Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Candy and the W

We recently stayed at a W hotel--specifically the one on 49th & Lex in New York City. While it was work-related, it did reignite our love affair with Daily Candy and Bliss. The room had a free Daily Candy 2009 New York City Pocket Guide with witty, mini reviews of the city's best dining, drinking, shopping, services and more. We swiped this little goodie, which lists everything from old school favorites like Cafe Gitane and Bendel's to places we've never heard of like The Blue Seats and Poppy. Move over Zagat!

Our other suprise treat was the W's Bliss amenities. We had forgotten the W carries the line and the stay reminded us how much we love the Bliss Lemon-Sage Body Butter. It has a fresh, sweet scent that's not so strong it will interfere with our own perfume. And can someone please tell us why W's are the only hotels (that we know of at least) to include a face wash along with the usual shampoo, conditioner and body wash? It makes life much easier in these liquid-restrictive flying days!

Bliss World, LLC

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Anonymous said...

I love Bliss products and the body butter is just magic

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