Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ghd Travel Hair Dryer

We took to the slopes for a last minute ski trip this weekend. It's snowing outside, we've got a great place to stay; but we're missing one thing: our favorite travel hair dryer. Cold weather and high altitudes are great for our frizzy hair. There's no reason to straighten because there's no humidity. We have some of our best hair days ever with so little effort, unfortunately we have to wear a hat most of the time.

We didn't pack our ghd dryer because we knew the condo where we're staying supplies their own. Unfortunately, it's one of the short curly-corded attached to the wall varieties. Standing within two feet of the wall seriously hinders any styling and its low wattage means twice the drying time. Since last month we been using the ghd as our everyday dryer. It's lightweight, easy to grip and dries our hair just as quickly as our old full size dryer. It's not cheap, but neither was my ghd ceramic iron that I've had for years and has served me very well. Next time, we won't forget to pack it.

Available at Sephora as an introductory set including shampoo, conditioner, styling cream and thermal protector and (our fave!) two big, strong, salon quality hair clips.

Happy travels!

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